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Delphi: Компоненты

IBO v5.3.3 Build 1955(January 2, 2014) Full Source

Дата: 8.01.2014 | Комментариев: 0 | Просмотров: 4210
Change Log:

12/30/2013 Version 5.3.3 [Build 1955]

I revised the widestring to unicodestring encoding and decoding routines to make use of the WinAPI directly for all code page/charset types.

I enhanced TIB_Script to with the SET BATCH_DECIMAL_SEPARATOR item.

I improved the parsing of input parameters to consider stored procedures as well as tables when deciphering when a parameter with the prefix of OLD_ is being used.

I added a compatibility unit IBOSDDataset in the AddOn subfolder to ease the porting of an app written with SQL Direct to IB Objects.

I fixed a bug in the parsing of filter phrases so that it handles string literals like O'Brien that have a single apostrophe in them.

I significantly reworked the IB_Events unit in an effort to avoid a bug in InterBase XE3.

I fixed a bug in the handling of stringlist properties that affected the sort order and thus created a potential blind spot in the Find() mechanism.

I enhanced the statement processing logic so that it detects a DDL statement and causes the schema cache data to be invalidated so that all DDL statements are immediately recognized in how they impact the schema data. This may cause some extra overhead depending upon what you are trying to do but it should be negligable since during the execution of a script there isn't anything going on that will trigger repeated queries of the metadata.

I added the IB_BLR.pas unit to the tools package and enhanced the Blr sample app.

I added the PostEvent() method to the TIB_Connection component to post an event without having to create a stored procedure or use an EXECUTE BLOCK statement. This is done via BLR.

I totally reworked the NT Service app sample application into a 100% functional application that shows you how to replicate a portion of a table into a separate database and how to put a full text search index against the replicated data. The service app runs in order to provide real-time maintenance of the replicator and full text search indexes. In the process of this I extensively reworked the service app framework so that you can easily create an app with a GUI that emulates the service app but which allows you to debug it just as you would any standard GUI application. See samples\ServiceApp for the two projects. One is a GUI version and the other is an actual service app. They both make use of the generic TIB_ServiceApp instance you create for the service app.

I touched up a few things so that FireMonkey apps can compile in XE2.

I enhanced the underlying framework for handling passive task processing to be named more intuitively and to have additional events at the TIB_Session level to tap into things happening at the connection and transaction level.

I made some touch-up improvements to the auto create capibility of the TIB_Connection component.

I fixed a bug where a dataset could be put out of search mode by the TIB_Grid calling ValidateRows and causing the dataset to open when it wasn't being expected to.

I fixed a bug in the handling of a Locate() when there was a NULL value for a key value being compared.

I corrected an issue in regard to 64-bit support support of the 64-bit version of the client DLL's.

I made the TIB_LogFiles component more strict so that it will go ahead and raise an exception instead of quietly doing nothing when it is unable to create a valid output file.

I added a TIB_Thread class to the IB_Utils.pas unit.

I significantly enhanced and improved the replication and full text search components.

I fixed a bug in TIBOTable having to do with using persistent fields and having the index of the fields changed and having a reprepare take place. This caused a discrepancy that led to errors.

I fixed some issues and enhanced the behavior of the TIB_Monitor component.

I fixed a painting/coloring issue with the button bar controls.

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