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Delphi: Утилиты

Smart Mobile Studio Enterprise v2.0 Build 723

Дата: 6.03.2014 | Комментариев: 0 | Просмотров: 6291
Smart Mobile Studio Enterprise v2.0 Build 723

You have reached the home of Smart Mobile Studio, a very exciting project that allows you to write ordinary Pascal in the flavour made famous by Delphi and Free Pascal, but generate feature rich, cutting edge HTML5 web applications ready for the mobile market. The fundamental difference between Smart and other rapid application development (RAD) systems is that Smart does not rely on a server. You author the project just like you would do in Delphi or Visual Studio and it’s instantly converted into high-speed javascript. Our philosophy is that the browser is the new operative system. The code generated by our compiler is ready to run on your iPhone or any HTML5 web-kit empowered device.
Rapid application development

The phrase rapid application development was a concept made famous by Borland Delphi (now Embarcadero Delphi) nearly two decades ago. Delphi came with an impressive library of ready to use components, re-usable classes and functions that set a new standard in productivity. Delphi is still knocking out killer apps even today and is experiencing somewhat of a revival in the IT community. The visual component library and the fact that you can easily re-use and extend these controls means that you can do more in less time. You focus on writing your app rather than wasting time re-inventing the wheel over and over again.
Smart Mobile Studio IDE

Smart Mobile Studio IDE

One example of what RAD is all about is a lesson we ourselves learned when venturing into the mobile software development business. Our very first project was a handy database driven time tracking app. The app itself is fairly humble, yet it took over two months of actual work to get it right (not to mention the time it took learning a new platform, a new language and new rules). That very same application can be re-created in Smart in less than two days. That is a substantial difference and the financial benefit speaks for itself.
We bring the power of Pascal to the browser

Smart Mobile Studio brings RAD to javascript. You get a rich set of controls, classes and functions that will save you time, money and a lot of frustration. Object Pascal as a language also brings features to javascript that are hard to achieve even for seasoned web developers.

Among the most noteworthy features are:

True object inheritance
Virtual and abstract methods
Var parameters
Published properties
Reusable components
Class helpers
Record helpers
and much, much more…

This means that a traditional HTML5 project which, under native javascript would involve thousands of lines of code, is a piece of cake under Smart. As a language object pascal is easy on the eyes, easy to learn, easy to work with, and has excellent support in the IT community. Beginners will discover a language that has stood the test of time with unparalleled elegance.
We support PhoneGap

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