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Delphi: Компоненты

CartoVCL Ver 7.10 +Source+Demo

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Simply drop the relevant CartoVCLв„ў component onto your form and before you know it you'll be mapping out your future.

CartoVCL Ver 7.10 +Source+Demo

Seamlessly integrate a whole new dimension to information analysis by embedding mapping power right into your application's exe. The all powerful, new native CartoVCLв„ў GIS / Mapping components for Delphi developers, gives new meaning to RAD.

Delphi has a reputation for short development cycles producing fast, robust applications. Yet traditional GIS developer’s toolkits either force you to make use of a proprietary development environment or they lack the agility to be seamlessly integrated into your application. Finally, with CartoVCL™, you can compile the mapping engine into your application. The net result is: an .EXE with the mapping engine compiled inside! (Download the demo movie to see this power!)

As Embarcadero Technology Partners, we support all relevant Delphi versions ... from the favourite Delphi 7 to the most recent Rad Studio 2010.

CartoVCL™ gives you connectivity to the database of your choice. CartoVCL™’s architecture frees you, the developer, from being RDBMS specific. In other words, CartoVCL™ leaves the processing of non-graphic data to the engine of choice, whether it be industrial strength systems such as Oracle or SQL-Server, or file based systems such as Paradox or Dbase. The choice is all yours!

CartoVCL Ver 7.10 +Source+Demo

The Carto VCL components are very good and simple to implement. I tried to evaluate a few other similar products but they are not as good as CartoVCL.

CartoVCLв„ў supports the main GIS / Mapping exchange formats, like ESRI shape files and MapInfo Mif/MID. But there is more - stop unauthorised copying of your mapping data through password protection. This is feature is unique to CartoVCLв„ў.

First of all we would like to say that are very pleased with component, we have been able implement most of our ideas of a general GIS tool. Besides that, the support after the 'new' CartoVCL was delivered has been excellent.

CartoVCL Ver 7.10 +Source+Demo

CartoVCLв„ў puts the power in your hands. Develop lightweight map viewing applications, or complex database connected systems. CartoVCLв„ў was conceived by GIS / Mapping specialists, and developed by developers for developers. This translates into ease of use, allowing you to concentrate on the solution, not the complexities of mapping technology. CartoVCLв„ў comes with on-line, context sensitive help, and includes functional sample applications, ensuring you are instantly ready to go.

CartoVCL has provided us with great technical support and an extremely high quality product that meet all of our requirements! We use of a very intensive routing algorithm taking advantage of city maps in our dispatching and scheduling software. It could not have been done without the great tool your company has provided.

When you buy CartoVCLв„ў, you are entitled to a free license of RWNet Carto, an outstanding set of routing components from our partner Routeware.

CartoVCLв„ў gives you the ability to perform various spatial analytical procedures.

General viewport spatial analysis functions include:

SelectWithinRect - Selects all objects intersecting a rectangle
SelectWithinCirc - Selects all objects intersecting a circle
SelectWithinPoly - Selects all objects intersecting a polygon
SelectWithin - Selects all objects intersecting an arbitrary shape
SelectIntersect - Selects all objects intersecting an arbitrary shape
CheckForObject - Returns map feature at a certain location
PointInObject - Determines if a point lies within a shape
For spatial analysis on individual objects, one uses member functions of the spatial object clasess:

Position - Determines if a point lies within a shape
Intersects - Determines if a shape intersects another shape
IntersectsObj - Determines if a shape intersects another shape
DistSqrFrom - Calculates the distance to a shape
Buffering analysis:
Distance buffering is used to find equal distance curves around objects. These buffers can then be used to select all objects that are within a certain distance of another object for example.
The GetDistBuffer function is used to find polygonal distance buffers for single or multiple objects.

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this is for delphi 7 are there Delphi XE version ?
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