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Delphi: Компоненты

RxLibrary 2.75 1.010 for Delphi 2005-XE3

Дата: 9.01.2013 | Комментариев: 0 | Просмотров: 4680
Неофициальная стабильная версия RxLibrary с поддержкой Delphi XE3

Last stable version of RxLibrary for Delphi 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2 and XE3
Unofficial version to download from there unRxLib 275 1.010 (1.09 MB).

Last changes in this update:
1/ actualization for last version of Delphi.
2/ actualization of format of DFM, DPK and resources

Changes in last update:
1/ file case name unit corrections.
2/ only one language file can be used in your applications like:
a) in Rx.inc activate {$DEFINE _LNG_ONE_}.
b) activate yours own language in new include RxLangDef.inc like
note: Languages different from English locates in utf-8 files, may
be editor problem for lower version Delphi than 2005.
c) in your project use global conditional define like RXLANG_MYLANG
(it activate your lang file only).
d) rebuild your application, it will be smaller with one your language
mutation for RxLibrary only.
3/ repair malfunction of TColor property (big thanks to Remy Lebeau).
4/ many new constant color names added into module RxColors
(+ 229 named constant).
5/ new component TRxThread added for better access.
6/ repair malfunction of property caption editor.
7/ new components TRxAnimBitBtn, TRxAnimSpeedButton added.
8/ repair malfunction with styles in TRxProgress.
9/ refresh code in TRxDBGridSorter.
10/ adopted 20 function utilities by Alexey Popov into module RxProps.
11/ activate Align property in TRxSpinButton.
12/ rename parameter Name to AName in define event TExecOpenDialogEvent,
because occur names conflict.
13/ repair conflict in string property in module RxTranslate for unicodes.
14/ some functions added into module RxVerInf for better work with versions.

Note for users Delphi 5/6/7:
RxLibrary is not directly designed for this Delphi versions. When you will
want compile source code in this versions of Delphi, you have to open all
units contain form (*.dfm) and resave it for resource compatibility (crash
prevent IDE) before rebuild and install into IDE. Some functionality will
be lost.

Note for users Delphi XE2/XE3 (64 bit.ver):
This source code is 64 bit ready but untested. BDE packs must be removed from
64 bit project as unsuported technology.

Note for users CBuilder:

This source code is CBuilder (2006/2007) ready but uncomplete and untested yet.

Older changes and updates:
Repaired wrong compatibility BLOB in TRxMemoryData for Unicode.
Better compatibility down to Delphi 5. And now Delphi XE2 (WIN 32) support. (.02/.03)
Registration constants changed.
Repair RxDemo (tables activation), replacement deprecated FileAge() in RxFileUtils and RxDBGrid (wrong colorize column) (.04)
Update packages file for Delphi 2005 - XE and XE2 32bit. Repair malfunction of TFormStorage under Unicode Delphi (.06)
Better compatibility with Delphi 2009, new adopted component for view any supported files, convert dfm files to text (.05)
Update packages file for all versions Delphi and repair RxViewer namespace in uses for XE2. (.07)

Main changes from reference version 2.75
Supported Delphi versions:
Now are supported version Delphi 2005, 2006, 2007 (as non-Unicode) and Delphi 2009, 2010, XE and XE2 as Unicode version only (Windows 32 only).
Rename unit:
All name of units was rename to concerting library name context – Rx prefix was added. Content of library was transformed to simple directory scheme.
New directories named packages_XXX where XXX is symbolic name for Delphi version like packages_DXE or packages_D2005 etc.
Main changes:
1/ Change for Unicode support. Special port of TStrHolder for dilating between Unicode and non-unicode Delphi.

2/ Change for all language include support (see lang. file, default is English as not UTF8 file only, can be compiled under Delphi 7 as well) .

3/ Support single translator with wizard (like old vgLib or agLib components).

4/ Support plug-ins manager with wizard (like old UIL manager).

5/ Support record grid viewer for DB table line (like old Polaris vizualizator).

6/ New components

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